Ways To Give Back Without Breaking the Bank

Ways To Give Back Without Breaking the Bank

Ways To Give Back Without Breaking the Bank

‘Tis The Season Of Giving!

Every year I try to give back, whether it’s volunteering or making a donation. We are just one day away from National GivingTuesday, a new Canadian movement for giving and volunteering. It is a day where charities, companies and individuals join together to share commitments, rally for favorite causes and most importantly think about others. What better day than this day to give back!

I believe that, in addition to helping others, being involved in charity also helps us remember what’s really important.

If you feel like your budget is too stretched to hand over a chunk of money, there are still plenty of things you can do to give back to the community with either a very small donation, which always goes a long way, or some thing that doesn’t involve spending money.

Actions Speak Louder Than, Well, You Know

Volunteering can be a painless way to give back to the community, especially if you do it with your family or a group of friends. If you aren’t sure whether you’d rather work at your local soup kitchen or build houses through Habitat for Humanity, there are lots of excellent resources to help you find the best charity match for you. My favorites include CanadaHelps and GiveConfidently.

Make Closet-Cleaning Charitable

Go through your closet to pick out clothing that you know you won’t be wearing again. If you’re like me, you’ve tried donating but can’t bring yourself to give away that one sweater that your afraid you’ll find use for….eventually. Here’s a good rule of thumb, if you haven’t worn it in a year, you will never wear it again, get rid of it!. Just the other day, I filled a garbage bag with clothes that I knew I wouldn’t wear again, some were easier to let go than others, but I knew that someone out there needed it more than I did.  Here are a few great places around the GTA that you can donate your clothing to, Salvation Army Thrift Store, Oasis Clothing Bank, The Canadian Diabetes Association, Dress Your Best , Value Village and Dress for Success.

Just Because They Can’t Ask For Help, Doesn’t Mean They Don’t Need It

Donating to your local Humane Society is definitely a worthy cause. Approximately 500 dogs and cats are found every year, abandoned and homeless. Right now the Mississauga Humane Society has been forced to take in less animals due to lack of funds. In order to maintain and care for the animals, they desperately need help! It costs the volunteer-run organization an average of $15,000 each month to cover veterinary costs.  I’ve started an online fundraiser for MHS, and have already raised more than half of my goal and I plan to present them with the cheque just before Christmas! Every donation, big or small, will make an immediate difference in the well being of the animals that need medical attention. With more donations, they will be able to start taking in more homeless animals again as they have been unable to for a while now. To donate, please visit my fundraiser page.

If you are unable to donate, no problem, there are other ways to help MHS. They are currently in need of the following items:

•Canadian Tire Money

•Dog Supplies including: Strong Leashes (6” long),
Dog food (dry and canned food), Dog treats & Cookies, Crates,

•Cat Supplies including: Cat Food (dry and canned), Cat Litter, Carriers, Litter Boxes

Drop off locations: 

•Pet Valu, 905-306-0909 Mavis/Dundas (Home Depot Plaza)
•Pet Valu 905 273 9992 Dundas/Dixie (Walmart Plaza)
•Global Pet Foods 905-501-0411 Burnhamthorpe W/Creditview
•Dundas East Animal Hospital 905-803-8400, 966 Dundas St E (Tomken)

You can also check out these other awesome animal charities.

GivingTuesday is an amazing initiative no doubt, but how awesome would it be if this movement turned into more days of donating and volunteering throughout the year? I think that it’s definitely something we can all work towards.

Happy Giving!

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